Looking to renovate a bar? Did you know that your chosen bar design could improve the efficiency of service? Think space & functional design.

What Makes A Good Bar Design?
There are lots of elements that contribute to a good bar design, so where’s the best place to start? As a Bar Manager or Owner, you’ll be focused on improving the efficiency of service for your staff. And you may also want to create a space that’s easy to navigate for your customers too. I’ve designed many different bars for the hospitality sector throughout my career, and the main aim should be to always balance functionality with aesthetics.

Create flow throughout your space
Think about how the space will be used. How will people move around your bar? Can your customers walk to and from the entrance and to restroom areas without any confusion? Where’s the most logical place to locate the bar counter door for your bar staff, and does this provide easy access into the kitchen? Would your bar benefit from dividing the space up to create cosy ‘snug’ areas for customers to relax, either through partition walls or screens?

Make an impact with your entrance
It’s always a good idea to make the bar visible on entry, so your customers can instantly get a feel for your venue. But at the same time, ensure the bar is not in the way of the entrance. For safety reasons, you won’t want the entrance to be blocked and this could cause problems for your staff when bar service is busy. What kind of impact can you create to entice customers to walk through the door, stay for drinks, and then return for more?

Set the tone for the bar
You know your customer best and what makes a comfortable environment for them. Decide on your bar look and theme. Think urban or edgy for younger customers. Or, if you want to attract an older, more affluent type of customer, then you could aim for an air of luxury and sophistication with a cocktail bar. Always design with your customer in mind. Think about any special touches they might appreciate, such as vintage accessories or a décor style.

Get functional elements working correctly
Consider every functional element in your bar design, from the positioning of equipment like taps and pumps to kitchen serving hatches, bar counters and the general layout of the premises. It’s important to make sure that you have a logical plan for the space, including access points in and out of the building. An experienced interior designer can advise you on how to position furniture and objects to create both a practical and functional space.

I’ve created a wide variety of bar designs over the years, working for major breweries like Marston’s Brewery PLC. Through my experience and extensive network, I have access to a number of useful connections to bring an expert touch to any project, as required. By combining your operational and customer knowledge with a designer’s expertise, you can create an environment destined for success.

Are you a bar manager or owner with an exciting venue idea for your new or existing venture? Get in touch early on in the process to take full advantage of my bar design skills. Call 07943 878462 or email: hello@spginteriordesign.co.uk