What Others Say

Sarah was a pleasure to work with at our recent project at Golden Sands Holiday Park. As the Project Manager she communicated well, was very organised and thorough having to co-ordinate many client direct contractors alongside ourselves as the principal contractor. Any obstacles were overcome efficiently and were resolved promptly to ensure the project remained on course for a successful completion. All at H&B 2000 Limited look forward to working together with Sarah again on future projects.

Andrew Hayward

Director, H&B 2000

I have worked alongside Sarah on various design and build commercial interior design projects over the past ten years. She always adopts a professional approach to her work and executes her projects to the highest standards.

Her skill for transforming conceptual design ideas into real-life inspirational interior spaces is exceptional. Her attention to the creative details and her resourcefulness always give her projects integrity and flair driven by her strong desire to achieve the best outcomes for her clients.

Tessa Pollard

Interior Designer

Your biggest strength / USP that you probably don’t see is that you are an all-rounder. Most people in our profession are concept designers or detailers or site / project managers etc, but rarely more than one. You are comfortable doing all of them. From the companies I have worked in and the CV’s that cross my desk, I am in a position to say that really is rare.

Former Work Colleague

Absolutely Wonderful! is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Sarah. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Sarah for ten years during which Sarah has designed many Holiday Parks and specified our Contract Furniture. I’ve always enjoyed working with Sarah’s designs as no two are the same and are never run of the mill! Above all, I was impressed with Sarah’s ability to morph into superwoman! Sarah is always extremely hands-on at every installation. Sawing wood, unloading artic lorries and problem solving in seven different areas! Sarah would be a true asset for any project requiring Interior design and project management and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.
Claire-Odette Sinfield

Pioneer Furniture

Organised, diligent, compassionate willingness to help and resolve problems, allows others to express opinions.

I know that you are very committed and will get the job done no matter what obstacle you’re presented with. I’d say you’re tenacious and don’t give up easily.

Former Work Colleague

To me, it is your ability to stand firm – unflappable, not phased by (seemingly) anything. Stuff that would send me off the deep end you seem to take in your stride. You just start looking for a way under, over, around or through it.

There are few of us who ‘care’ & are ‘passionate’ about what they do. These are things you have in abundance. The rest is easy.
John Dodds

GF Holding Ltd

I’ve always thought one of your strengths and best qualities is your patience, your ability to guide people through what it is your doing/your design – whether that be the client or juniors/ colleagues when briefing, you’re able to find different ways of explaining the same thing to suit different people’s brains.

Former Work Colleague

You are tenacious, meticulous and give it your all! You are great at viewing a problem and quickly resolving in the most efficient way possible. You are so kind and caring.

You listen, you don’t react, you process. You’re fair, honest and caring. You are creative and precise – those 2 characteristics are not regular partners! You are responsible and sensible but also good fun – a woman of attractive opposites it seems. You are completely trustworthy. I don’t think there is a bad bone in your body.

Friendly, warm, welcoming, helpful, listens.