Hotel Interior Design

The complexities of hotel interior design are many and varied. Ranging through the vast array of customers they serve to the differing scales of spaces required, it requires multiple skills to set the scene for everyone using the hotel.

The Customer Experience is King.

As a specialist in hotel design, it is essential to understand the client’s intended customer profile. Getting underneath the skin of the types of customers it has or wants is imperative in helping to create the spaces in which those guests will feel comfortable and relaxed, or energised and focused, dependent on the facilities they are using.

There are so many aspects to get right to ensure we maximise the customer experience throughout. The target customer will influence the direction of the design from the onset, from either a family friendly feel, to a more business experience, or accommodating young travellers. Each customer profile needs different functionality and style. Creating lively vibes, or restful and relaxed, or powerful, tech filled environment, will align with these customer types and form part of the basis for the hotel’s brand.

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Get that WOW first impression.

As hotel owners and operators, you want to feel proud of your hotel, the service you offer, the meals you serve and the atmosphere this magic happens in.

Specialising in hotel interior design, I understand all of this. I can support you to create spaces that are right for your customers across all areas within your hotel. That initial WOW as customers enter the reception is visceral and visual. Hitting that tone is crucial to set the scene for the rest of your customers’ visit.

Although the visual impact is the first thing your guests will connect with, having well organised and functioning spaces is as important, if not more important, ensuring they can transition through the space efficiently. Careful space planning is the invisible powerhouse in communal areas, easy guest flow through the space saves time and money and reduces customer complaints – what’s not to love about that!

Kitting out the bedrooms

Right up there in the importance stacks are the hotel rooms. This is where even greater attention to detail is required. Your customers will see everything within this intimate space they are staying in. Getting this layout just right means the guest will have everything they need at their fingertips; be able to effortlessly send that last-minute email, enjoy a great shower, watch some TV, and drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep in a comfortable bed. Through thoughtful design and space planning, I can help create essential space tailored to your customers’ requirements.

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And last but not least…

…let’s not forget your amazing team. Having all areas that are properly considered and laid out, with thought given to the movement your staff as well as customers, helps them to perform at their best in their roles, improving employee job satisfaction, employee retention, and enabling them to deliver excellent customer service in everything they do.

SPG Interior Design works collaboratively with hotel owners and operators to create the best designs possible to suit their brand and target customers, producing solutions that result in a profitable hotel, with happy guests and staff that runs efficiently.

If you need help to create your ideal hotel to host business conferences, weddings and parties, relaxed leisure holidays for families, couples or young travellers, or spa and dining experiences, please feel free to contact me for a chat.

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