What Makes A Good Hotel Room Design?

A good hotel room design will depend on the needs of your guests and the reason for their stay. As a hotel owner or operator, you will be focused on providing a great guest experience, whilst meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Whether your hotel is used for short business stays or two-week holidays, you will want travellers to remember you for the right reasons. So, your goal should be to create a room that combines comfort, ambience and aesthetics with functional design elements for an enjoyable stay.

Set the tone for your hotel room

You know your guests best, so consider what type of room will make them feel comfortable. Why are they staying with you? Are they business travellers or holiday makers? How can you design a room with picture perfect Instagram appeal? Maybe your hotel is more focused on offering short, convenient stays, rather than boutique weekend breaks. Think about how you can create the ultimate guest experience with any added value they might be expecting. Consider your overall hotel concept and how your room needs to function for your guests.

Expected functional elements

Attention to detail and functionality underpins a successful hotel room design. So, what do your guests expect to see in their room? Do you have handy hooks behind the bathroom door for towels? Are the drinks facilities located in a logical area? Your guests will expect a great shower, great bed – these elements are essential. But what about other elements, such as the TV, Wi-Fi, minibar, and so on? What will they expect and appreciate after a long journey, when they’ve finally closed the door and sat down to relax in their hotel room?

Lighting creates ambience and comfort

A good hotel room design will consider task-related lighting for desk spaces, functional lighting for en-suite bathrooms, ambient room lamps and bed lights. Always make sure lighting can be controlled from the bed, so it’s easy for your guests to switch everything off before they go to sleep. Being able to control the light levels will give your guests the chance to control their comfort levels too. Why not enhance the look and feel of the room by making your lighting a focal point? Stylish floor lights and table lamps can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere for your guests.

Small details can have a big impact

Consider how your guests will use the room. Do you have all the little details covered as well as the main points? Simple things like providing a shelf for soap in the shower or a charging point by the bed can make your guest’s stay much more comfortable. Seemingly little things can all add up to make a huge difference to your guest’s overall experience at your hotel. Make sure you have all the key points covered, like a comfy bed and powerful shower, but throw in some smaller details too. What items would the customer notice if they weren’t there?

Nowadays, customer expectation is key for hotel room design; guests need to feel comfortable and able to relax in this private space. Over the years, I’ve designed a wide range of hotel rooms for the hospitality sector, including guest rooms within multi-million-pound holiday parks. With your operational knowledge and my experience, along with my network of connections, your hotel rooms will benefit from an expert design approach.

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