What Makes A Good Restaurant Design?

A good restaurant design relies on many factors, including the ability to create a wow factor, so your customers return for years to come. Many of us will have fond memories of eating at our favourite restaurant, and designers will go to great lengths to create the right dining atmosphere. If you’re a restaurant manager, then your top priority will be to maximise the number of covers. But did you know you can improve the efficiency of service by the way you design your restaurant? A winning concept is the perfect blend of atmosphere, aesthetics, space planning and functional design.

Think about flow
Look at how the restaurant space will be used by your customers. If it’s table service only, allow enough room for staff to move effortlessly around diners. If you want your customers to pay before eating, then allow enough space for them to queue. And if you want to optimise service, then plan the most efficient route from your kitchen to your diners. Assess the flow around areas where you have positioned condiments and bar counters, serving stations, and to and from restroom areas. Position objects and furniture logically.

Create a WOW first impression
The wow factor starts from the moment your customer is standing outside your restaurant. Consider their first impression. As your customers step through the door, give them something to feast their eyes on before they feast on your amazing food. For example, the rise of ‘lounge style’ dining concepts has quirky, vintage accessories adorning the walls, mixed with industrial design elements, such as lighting and exposed structural beams.

Set the tone for the restaurant
You know your customer, so what makes a comfortable dining environment for them? Consider why they have chosen to dine at your restaurant. Even the choice of seat covers will imply a certain character. Think bright, simple, wipe-clean surfaces and squashy seat cushions for fast food dining. If you’re aiming for a chic, fine dining experience, then it’s all in the detail – from your feature object choices and wallcoverings to luxury furniture and floor tiles. If you’re looking to create a fun and interesting atmosphere for family dining, then you may want to include a play area or themed spaces for your diners to enjoy their meal.

Functional elements and space planning

The success of any restaurant is the ability to run seamlessly, and this is achieved by an efficient use of space and harmonious functional elements. Look at your layouts across the restaurant, including the kitchen and any bar areas. Assess the practical use of equipment within these spaces. One of the most important aspects to consider in terms of both safety and comfort is HVAC – heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Always try to balance seating capacity with ambience to create a relaxing atmosphere for your diners. Remember, they’re not just paying for your food, they’re paying for the experience of dining with you!

Over the years, I’ve designed a variety of restaurant and dining areas for the hospitality sector. Due to my design experience and network of connections, I can bring experts together to create an efficient restaurant space with ‘wow factor’ aesthetics. So, if you’re a restaurant owner or manager, why not combine a designer’s expertise with your operational knowledge to create a winning concept?

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