My promise to my clients

I will work hard to create great environment experiences that spark your imagination through thoughtful design processes that harmonise ease of use with aesthetics. By offering space planning, design concepts, and project co-ordination services, I add value to your overall offer by setting the scene for your brand to shine. All delivered with a smile and a personal commitment that is equal to your own passion for your venues.

The spaces we create should be where both staff and clientele feel comfortable, confident, safe, and valued. Celebrated spaces are created through understanding the client, their customers, their team and the needs and aspirations of these people. This is the critical benchmark for SPG Interior Design developments; the built environment works hand in hand with other customer services elements to form the overall package needed to become a special venue to relax in, a great office to work in, or a comfortable home to live in.

Customer Service

Why Customer Service is critical in what we do

Customer Service starts with the first contact with my clients. I prefer a personal, relaxed approach, getting to know people, putting them at ease, while still maintaining the professionalism needed to convey the experience and knowledge I can bring to a project.

The customers’ ideas and aspirations are critical to the basis of any new concept. The design will develop from their ideas and requirements. I collaborate directly with them to create a space that will function well, making it an easy space to work or relax in, as well as setting the scene to blend with the use of the space, their ideal customer expectations and how the client’s team need to work within it.

Research is key on every project, drawing on existing knowledge, looking into new techniques or technologies to produce the best solution for that client at that point in time. I tailor everything for the specific needs of each client because everyone is different.

Client’s Eye Perspective

Critical to the success of my projects is seeing it from the eyes of not only my clients, but their customers. Seeing it from their perspective means that I can enhance the customer experience. In a commercial environment, this enables the client to increase their revenue generation. In a non-commercial environment, such as an office or charitable organisation, it enables the users of the facility to have an improved and more efficient user experience overall.

Often, I find it is the little things that matter most; this attention to detail is critical of everything I do. From space planning the flow of the building and furniture, to different uses of light, and all the way through to finishing touches like artwork and ensuring that shower hooks are in exactly the right place to be useful. Making spaces effortless to use results from close investigation of their requirements during the design stage.

Continuous Improvement

Another core value is my commitment to continuous improvement, which includes the passion that I have to:

  • Research technical processes to improve services offered to customers
  • Explore current trends and styles to keep designs current and fresh
  • Identify customer aspirations and needs as these change
  • Stay open-minded to new ideas from others, as amazing solutions can come from even the most bizarre starting points

In addition, I always look for feedback on everything I do and incorporate learnings into future projects.

If you are interested in discussing your design project with me, then please get in touch.