Colour has a huge impact on how we feel and see the world around us, and it plays an important part when it comes to interior design. Different colours can influence and affect our perceptions. And this is why you will see certain colour combinations used in office, hospitality and retail settings, as well as business branding. Colour dictates the ambiance and atmosphere of a space, which then has a direct impact on our mood and emotions.

Look at the following colour palettes:


The traditional colour of love and passion, red can also be used to create an action-orientated and creative space. Red accents can create a sense of energy and adventure in a retail space or inspire excitement and strength within an office boardroom. Used within the home, reds can be used to create a dramatic air in the dining room (or the bedroom!).





Oranges & Yellows

Sunshine yellows and warm oranges are happy, upbeat, and cheerful colours that are often associated with optimism, positivity, and enthusiasm. But did you know that using these colours in a room can also give people a sense of hope, freedom, and clarity? Yellow tones are also associated with intellect and mental agility – an ideal choice for a home office space.






Think nature, harmony, and health when it comes to green shades. Green symbolises loyalty, safety and prosperity, which is why you often see this colour being used in health and wellbeing settings to create a sense of peace, such as therapy centres. Green is a very versatile colour and various shades can be used almost anywhere within the home.






Blue is the colour of trust, power, and confidence, and a popular choice for business environments and branding, especially financial services. Blue is also associated with success, security, and purpose, so this is a good colour to use within your home. For example, pale blue walls could instill a sense of calm and relaxation within a living room.






Traditionally the colour of royalty, purple is linked with wisdom and wealth. But did you know that purple is also a very creative colour, often associated with mystery, fantasy, and imagination? Therefore, it’s a great colour to use within a bedroom, either as an accent colour for furniture and furnishings, or why not be daring and go for all-out purple walls?





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