Construction Phase

In my fourth article in this series, I’m going to take you through the Construction Phase of an interior design process.

Once the design, budget and programme are approved, and any regulatory approvals obtained, the project moves to the construction phase. During this phase of works, an interior designer will be involved with the following 10 elements:

  1. Prepare construction issue drawing pack to capture any value engineering works required from the design phase to issue to the contractor to build from.
  2. Attend or arrange the pre-contract meeting on outline works with the principal contractor, identify site working area, restrictions, client requirements, etc. Basically, this is where we set the scene for the start of the job.
  3. Prepare and issue minutes of the above pre-contract meeting.
  4. Liaise with contractors, direct suppliers, the client, and consultants, throughout the construction period to ensure the job runs smoothly.
  5. Attend or arrange the regular progress meetings throughout the construction phase.
  6. Amend drawings as required to ensure the current drawing pack matches what is being built. There are often changes required on-site that cannot be anticipated during the design phase.
  7. Monitoring cost and programme (by architect and quantity surveyor on more complex, large projects) and signing off stage payments, if required.
  8. Supervising the installation of finishing elements at the completion of the project.
  9. Snagging the project to identify defects to be rectified at the completion of the job.
  10. Handover of the project back to the client prior to opening to the public.

 As you can see, an interior designer is heavily involved in the Construction Phase; this is a key part of the project where all the previous planning and hard work come together to create a physical environment to be enjoyed, used and lived in. In my fifth and final article, I will be exploring the ‘Post Completion Phase’, so please return to read my last article about the interior design process…

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