Costing & Approvals Stage

In my third article on this subject, I’m going to take you through the Costing and Approvals Stage of a standard interior design process.

First, the outline costs will be updated to reflect the detailed design package (this stage is usually for larger projects and undertaken by the quantity surveyor).

Next, the detailed design package is issued to principle contractors to obtain comparative quotes. Usually, in the form of a tender, three quotes are generally sought for the main construction works, including services and joinery elements OR the job could go to a single, trusted contractor for a negotiated contract. Quotes are obtained for all the direct suppliers (furniture, theming, curtains, etc.), and again, this is usually two to three comparative quotes per element.

All costs are compiled into a summary, including professional fees, contingencies, and preliminary costs to give the total contract value. If this exceeds the approved budget, then value engineering of the job will be carried out to bring it in line with the available budget (or the client may decide to increase the budget – maybe!).

It’s during the Costing and Approvals Stage that planning and building regulation consultation generally progresses, with the aim of obtaining approvals prior to starting on-site.

In my next article, I will be exploring the ‘Construction Phase’, so stay tuned for my penultimate installment…

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